Musical Rickshaw: Get One!

Yucca Dune, Inc. has  developed a Rhoda version 2.0 that is our production model.

Rhoda 2.0:




Our design reduces metal in the stage frame while reducing redundancies without sacrificing strength.


New Deck Design

Better access to substage from all sides.


Power Options

A LiPo battery pack is now an option to replace the generator for a completely ‘green’ scene!


On-Stage Streaming

The addition of booms, GoPro cameras, an ATEM mini, cellular modem, and MacBook Air, along with the Behringer XR18, allows streaming for every show!

One And Only!

Rhoda 2.0 is the only pedal-powered, mobile, green, multi-channel digital recording and streaming studio on planet Earth!

Ready to Place Your Order?

Call today!  Let’s talk about your vision for how to use a Rhoda for your event, production, road-show, or promotion.  All Rhoda stages can be customized for your particular application!

Want to Schedule an Appearance?

Yucca Dune collaborates with TheRickshawLive to deliver pedal-powered live performances in support of your event! Schedule it now!


July 13, 2024 7:19 pm

#Moving the Music


Fort Collins, CO