The Rickshaw Live

The Rickshaw Live is a novel live performance mobile sound-stage, locomoted by a single bicycle pedaler.

Our largest pedaled soundstage, Rhoda, can roll bands, DJ’s, poets, story tellers, broadcasters and other performers with an unrivaled charm and intrigue that is unique to this human-powered, moving venue that brings pedestrians to a smiling halt.

More than a 2.5 kW soundstage, Rhoda is equipped with an Behringer 18 channel mixer, SOH wireless mixing, in-ear monitors, headset mic’s from Shure, Electrovoice and Crown, and multi-channel digital recording that make TheRickshawLive the ONLY pedaled recording studio on planet Earth!

Yucca Dune collaborates with the  Minnechaduza Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, to deliver TheRickshawLive for special assignments and appearances at area events in addition to the usual street-side appearances.

Yucca Dune, Inc and The Rickshaw Live have received generous grant support from Colorado Creative Industries and The National Endowment for the Arts.


#Moving the Music


Fort Collins, CO