Yucca Dune Inc was formed as a Nebraska Corporation in 1996.  It was the business structure that supported the Yucca Dune bike shop, outdoor store, and ecommerce outdoor retail store.  The physical store was located in Valentine, Nebraska, and brought a range of high-end outdoor products to the Niobrara River valley.  The store operated from 1996-2009.  The building that housed the store is now called The Front Country Village, and is home to a variety of small business concerns that occupy the unique internal architecture.


Today, Yucca Dune Inc is principally focused on perfecting the pedal-powered, music soundstage.  The what?

The Perfectly Pedalled Soundstage


Yucca Dune (the store) was involved in a number of notable community activities during its life.

Some might find it curious that mountaineering equipment was part of the Yucca Dune online and instore inventory.  This was in part due to a favorite outdoor interest of one of the creators.  However, the Niobrara River is home to north-facing weeping walls that tower 200 feet  above the river below, in at least locations.  Yucca Dune was instrumental in introducing these walls to the ice climbing community, by hosting an ice climbing jamboree that is detailed on an early but still-visible Google Blog!



Yucca Dune has always been focused on the great out-of-indoors!  Equipping outdoor adventurers was  our way of promoting the joy we found in outdoor exploration, sensation, and being.

Taking music outdoors?  We did that even when Yucca Dune was a retail store.  We had concerts in our parking lot as well as on our retail floor.  For a time, Yucca Dune even pushed the inventory aside to make room for a church service!

It was just a matter of time before that little rickshaw in the corner got loaded up with some players and went for a roll!  The seed had been planted.  A little jazz speakeasy in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ace Gillett’s is where it sprouted. Here’s that story!

#Moving the Music


Fort Collins, CO