Yucca Dune gear
"Frozen Cliffs in secret Wilderness rippling 'long rivers in three directions of Freshening breezes on-forever rail-trail..."
.........Yucca Dune, 1996

...dry-high plains collide
with the Niobrara...
...Great Northern tablelands crumble
into jumbled Sandhills...
...Ponderosa pines fade
in shadows of Burr oak and Birch...
...Minnechaduza, Niobrara, and Snake
merge, headed East ... fast -
you must be at the place...
Yucca Dune
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"Frozen Cliffs in secret Wilderness rippling 'long rivers in three directions of Freshening breezes on-forever rail-trail..." Yucca Dune, 1996.
Yucca Dune.

Yucca Dune

The Shop

what is it? Specialized outdoor sporting goods and services.
Where is it? 148 E. 1st Street, Valentine, Nebraska 69201, which is located in North-North-central Nebraska where Highways 20 and 83 meet, just:
  • 298 miles North-West of Omaha;
  • 393 miles North-East of Denver;
  • 80 miles South of Interstate 90/Murdo, South Dakota;
  • 130 miles North of Interstate 80/North Platte, Nebraska;
  • and, 162 miles from Wall Drug, (in case you are interested).
why should you care?YD is the multi-sport mecca!
when?Store hours 9-6 PM M,T,W,Th,F; 9-5 Sat. (Central Standard Time)
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Some ask: "But WHY?..."

You can be enthralled by being there. Being out there, in the pristine outdoors. Your mode may be au naturel even while your line is extreme, but most of the time, homo sapiens sapiens requires some compensation for thin skin, an embarrassingly sparse fur coat, and an insatiable appetite for places avoided by animals with good instincts. The need to BE there is our weakness. If you must venture to such extremes, whatever the precise reasons, you'll be needing some of the gear we have brought together in the shop called Yucca Dune. Some places you'll reach under pedal power, others with the stroke of a paddle, and a few will engage you vertically, on ice and rock. Between the struggles of locomotion, you'll need shelter, chow, and some low risk diversions. We offer the gear it takes, along with routes, and whatever degree of support you require.

You will BE out there. We stand ready to equip you.

Yucca Dune
Outdoor Adventure Gear

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